Our films for use on and around construction sites

Real construction helpers in film format

Robust and reliable – without a lot of frills. That’s what makes a good construction film. Whether for covering purposes or for roof underlayment, with us you will find reliable solutions for your next construction or renovation project.

Overview of our construction films

From classic construction film to screed film, discover our strong solutions in practical roll format for any form of construction site – large or small, indoor or outdoor.


Protect your furniture during the next small painting and renovation work with our cover foil “Standard Plus”. It reliably keeps dust, paint splashes and moisture away from your interior.

Cover films EXTRA STRONG

One for everything, indoors and outdoors and above all classic and good, that’s how our cover films “Extra Strong” can be described. A true all-round solution for your diverse covering needs for crafts and construction work. For indoor and outdoor use.

Construction films STRONG

The practical construction film solution for optimum protection for all renovation, painting and general construction work. With its sophisticated thickness, it protects floors, walls and furniture from small rubble, dust, dirt and paint splashes and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Construction films EXTRA STRONG

Need extra strength? Then our construction films “Extra Strong” is exactly what you are looking for. With its special thickness, it is the solution for strong and reliable protection for all renovation, painting and general construction work. Cover floors, walls and furniture securely from small rubble, dust, dirt and paint splashes with this tough solution. By the way – such a powerhouse is also suitable for outdoor use.

Construction films PROFESSIONAL

You get strong protection for all renovation, painting and general construction work with our construction films in special thickness. They not only reliably protect floors, walls and furniture from dust, dirt and paint splashes, but also from small rubble indoors and outdoors.

Underlay film

Freshly laid and now? With screed, the first thing to do is wait. You can use our screed films to ensure that nothing spoils the laying result during this time. Declared as underlay films, they enable you to safely protect floors indoors and outdoors from dust, dirt and even rain during the drying period.

PVC films

Did you know? With their water-repellent properties, PVC films are the ideal screed films. They safely protect your finished screed from dust, contamination and even rain outdoors during the drying period.

Vapour barrier films

Good thermal insulation is the be-all and end-all of interior and roof conversions. Our CE-certified vapour barrier films ensure that this works efficiently and is not penetrated by moisture. Thanks to the integrated airtight inner vapour barrier layer, you get reliable protection when sealing.
SD value >100m
CE according to DIN EN 13984
Fire protection class E according to DIN 13501-1

Dust protection solutions

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, or better still, you can’t renovate without dust. Which is why we offer the right dust protection to go with our cover solutions. From dust doors to disposable overalls.

Dust protection door

To protect your rooms from dust and dirt during construction work. Easy mounting on door frames or wall openings, for example using adhesive tape (not included), ensures dust-free areas.
If necessary, the dust protection door can be opened and closed at any time thanks to the zipper which can be used on both sides.

Disposable overalls

Not only floors and objects want to be protected from dust, dirt and paint – your clothes do too. Whether it’s a spontaneous visit to a construction site or for actual work, our disposable overalls and are also easy to put on and take off, thanks to the integrated zipper.


The ideal complement to the disposable overall or for all those who are only on a short flying visit – our disposable overshoes in a practical pack of 10 safely protect soles and shoes from dirt and paint and thus guarantee a clean appearance. Special highlight: thanks to the elastic band, they are particularly easy to put on and take off again.

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With assortments of HDPE/LDPE sheets and films in the fields of construction, painting and gardening as well as garbage bags, and thoroughly selected additional products. JUFOL supports a clean and safe working environment for its customers. The reliability of our products and services has been proven for decades and makes us a strong partner for your DIY needs