Our garden range

For those with and without a green thumb

From the amateur gardener to the do-it-yourselfer, our gardening range has everything you need to get the job done outdoors, from plastic sheeting to nets, fleece and more. And for those who prefer to sit outside rather than plant and cultivate, we also have the right cover solutions for your garden set, including parasol protection.

Our garden fleeces and garden foils

Whether it is fleece or film, our solutions not only protect plants and crops from the elements and pests, but also accelerate the growth of seedlings and saplings and the ripening of fruit. We also offer the right underlay for driveways and garden paths.

Garden fleece

Salads, spices and low-hanging strawberries are quickly covered with our garden fleece. Best of all, you can water it directly.

Growing cold frame film

Lay it out once and you’re done, thanks to our growing cold frame film.
It protects plants, including spices, from the elements and pests. Smart slits mean the space for growing plants expands practically by itself, creating a growth-enhancing climate for earlier harvests and higher yields.

Early harvest film

If you can hardly wait to pick the first red, juicy strawberries of the year, you can rely on our Early Harvest Film. Specially formulated to meet the needs of delicate strawberry plants, Early Harvest Film prevents the spread of pesky weeds during the growing season and its black colour helps to keep the soil warm – a real growth booster.

This growth-enhancing effect is further enhanced by the film’s ingenious micro-perforations, which allow the soil to be evenly irrigated.

Separating fleece PROFESSIONAL

Whether it’s a driveway, garden path or patio, you can prolong the life of your paving and gravel with underlay. Because it is laid between the soil and the top layer, the geotextile protects against weed infestation and the resulting unevenness.

Underbody Fabric

The Underlay Fabric provides additional stability for your new floor and practical weed control all in one. Simply lay it between the soil and the paving or gravel to prevent weeds from growing back into the newly designed surface.

Our film for raised beds

Raised beds have always been trendy. To help you enjoy your raised bed for as long as possible, we have the raised bed nubbed liner. Rot-proof and root-resistant, it protects the wood from moisture and provides excellent ventilation.

Our protection nets

Whether you want to protect plants and crops from birds and insects, or prevent excessive foliage in your garden pond, we have the right solution in a practical netting format for every application.

Bird Protection Net

As much as you like to hear them chirping, you don’t like to share your precious harvest with them: Birds. To protect your berries and fruit from being eaten by birds, there is the practical bird net. Suitable for bushes and smaller trees.

Foliage protection net

Even the best summer comes to an end. But to prevent the water in your pool or pond from suffering the same fate, you can help maintain water quality with the leaf protection net.

When stretched over the surface, the net prevents too many leaves from falling and polluting the water.

Wasp protection net

With its small meshes, the Wasp protection net keeps unwanted insects away from your shrubs and trees.

Our binding material

Bundling, tying or binding – the uses of binding materials are as varied as their designs. Discover our solutions from plastic to jute-based and from classic cord to Velcro.

Artificial raffia

Whether practical for tying or as part of a decoration, artificial raffia can be used to easily tie flowers and bouquets together or to tie herbs into bunches to hang out to dry.

Elastic binding material

Do you want your binder to be stable and elastic? Then this is the solution for you and your application. The elastic binding material ensures a stable connection between the plant and the fixing object, but at the same time allows the plant to grow and adapt itself.

Jute garden twine

This is one of the most natural garden ties in the range.
Made from 100% jute and therefore natural and biodegradable, the jute garden twine supports growing plants as a climbing aid and also serves to secure trees and shrubs.

Velcro tape

The versatile all-rounder for quick and easy fixing around the garden and home. Perfect for securing your plants.

Also a handy helper around the house for crafting or fastening.

Our range of professional tarpaulins

Covering the outdoors properly, whether in the garden or when camping, requires strong and durable tarpaulins. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in our range of protective fabric tarpaulins.


For leisure, camping, construction and painting, there is always something to protect and cover. When it comes to weather resistance, our PROFI protective tarpaulins are your first choice.

These three-layer fabric tarpaulins with aluminium eyelets every 100 cm are not only waterproof and tear-resistant, but also have a reinforced edge, a material thickness of approx. 110g/m² and are washable.


Protect yourself from the elements like the pros with our PROFI+ protective tarpaulins. They offer optimum protection against the elements, whether you are using them for leisure, camping or on a construction site. With integrated aluminium eyelets every 50cm, reinforced edges and a material thickness of around 180g/m², these strong, three-ply tarpaulins are easy to attach.

They are also waterproof. They can be washed, so there is nothing to stop the tear-resistant material being reused.

des reißfestem Materials nichts im Wege.

Tarpaulin PROFESSIONAL PLUS for sandbox

Get the benefits of the PROFI PLUS tarpaulin for your sandbox. The PROFI PLUS tarpaulin for sandboxes is designed to fit the standard dimensions of sandboxes.
You can cover your sandbox reliably with it. You can be sure of protection against rain, snow and sand being blown away by too much wind, as well as keeping away wild animals and their droppings in the sand itself.

Of course, these models are also equipped with practical eyelets.

Our range of protective covers for tables and chairs

When the weather is good, the patio, garden or garden plot can quickly become a second living room. To make sure it is just as comfortable and clean, we offer protective covers for your garden furniture.

Protective cover GARDEN CHAIR

We’ve all been there – the first rays of sunshine and all you want to do is sit down in the sun. It’s nice to be able to do this without having to clean up beforehands. That’s why we offer practical and durable garden chair covers made from mesh film.
Not only do they keep rain and other dirt out when the weather is bad, but they also protect your seating from moisture, such as dew at night.
So you can enjoy your garden or balcony for longer without having to wipe and dry your chairs every time.

Protective cover GARDEN TABLE

Whether you prefer a pure wood look or a tablecloth, you need to keep the surface clean. And because that can leave a lot to be desired on bad weather days, we have a handy protective cover for your square garden table. The tough, transparent mesh film is child’s play to apply – just lay it on, fix it in place – and remove it just as easily when you need it.
Your outdoor table is now ready for use, and rain and other dirt, such as bird droppings, will only affect the cover and not the tabletop while you are away.

Protective cover PARASOL

To make sure your parasol looks its best when the sun is shining, protect it on the rainy days with our specially designed parasol cover.
The tough mesh film will keep rain and moisture away from the fabric, as well as bird and insect droppings.
Just choose the right size, put it on and enjoy the shade when the weather is good, in perfect condition and looking its best.

Our winter protection

As winter approaches, you can rely on our winter protection fleeces to protect your plants. They will protect your cold sensitive plants, shrubs and small trees from frost damage. Our winter protection fleeces equalise temperature differences, are breathable and permeable to light and water.

Winter protection fleece cover PREMIUM

Put it on and close it with the integrated zip and cord – protecting your plants from frost and the elements is as easy as that with the Winter Protection Cover.

Breathable and permeable to light and water, it can be used to protect container plants, roses and smaller ornamental shrubs from drying out and the cold.

Winter protection fleece cover ARCTICA

Protection even at low temperatures, that’s what our winter fleece cover ARCTICA offers.

With its UV-stable lined surface, the insulating cover reliably protects the plant pots and sensitive plants even in frosty conditions.

Winter protection JUTE

Our range of jute products for many applications.
The jute bag to protect pots and plants from frost damage or to store nuts, fruit or vegetables.
Whatever you need. Jute is a natural fibre and is versatile, reusable and durable.

Useful accessories

It’s often the little things that make the difference. We know this, which is why we offer useful accessories that you can use in your garden.

S-shaped hook

Whether you want to hang decorations, lanterns or tools for the garden, home and yard. Everything is easy to hang with the practical S-shaped hooks.

For more tidiness and helpers at hand.

Metal pegs

To ensure that garden films and fleece are used to their full potential, they need to be securely fastened. This is where the handy metal pegs come in.

Fixing pegs

Our fixing pegs are a reliable and fleece-friendly alternative to the metal pegs. To keep garden fleeces and foils where they belong.

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