Our household solutions

Clever everyday helpers

That’s exactly what our household films are. Whether it’s for your daily waste disposal, clearing out or
or for safe packing during a move or renovation, our solutions make you feel right at home.
Always right at home.

Bin Liner / garbage bags

Disposal made easy.
With our waste bags and garbage bags, you can safely bring to the door what does not belong (anymore) in the house or apartment. Versatile, reliable and in a wide variety of sizes and designs, with and without drawstring, this range stands out.


Whether it’s a pedal bin in the bathroom or a solo model in the kitchen, with our HDPE waste bags, you can equip a wide variety of cosmetics and waste bins.
Depending on the model, between 5 and up to 120 litres of household waste can be easily disposed of in them.


These garbage bags release a fresh citrus scent when used and give a pleasant feeling of purity and cleanliness. Can be used in bathroom and cosmetic garbage cans, as well as in the kitchen.


Pull it and get rid of it. Simply and reliably dispose of household waste and office rubbish in our bin liners with practical drawstring.
With a capacity of up to 150 litres, they are ideal in combination with bin liner stands and bin liner holders.


Looking for supplies for your bin liner stand or bin liner holder in the office and household? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our LDPE bin liner models can safely dispose of waste volumes of up to 240 litres.

Construction Waste Bag

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. On construction sites and during renovations, rubble and other waste can also be found. We can offer you particularly tear-resistant construction waste bags that can hold a waste volume of up to 75 litres, so you can dispose everything effortlessly. How does it work? The construction waste bags are based on a particularly strong film thickness that is specially designed for heavy waste volumes. So go ahead, bag it up and get rid of it.

Bio Bag

Organic waste for the bin? Of course! Dispose of your organic waste cleanly and hygienically with our BioBag compost bags. The bags with a volume of up to 240 litres can be easily disposed of in the compost or in the organic waste bin with the waste in them. This saves you cumbersome dumping or cleaning. Very simple and hygienic.

Heavy duty bag

Bulky and heavy loads demand strength when it comes to transport and storage. This is exactly where our heavy duty bags come into play. The particularly durable and tear-resistant solutions can withstand weights of up to 50 kg. For safe moving and stowing.


Safely packed from A to B or well stowed in the basement as well as in the attic, that will be furniture, electrical appliances or other utensils and materials with our packaging solutions from stretch film to bubble mat.

Stretch films

Well wrapped, ideally secured – that is the motto of our hand stretch solutions. With these stretch films, cardboard boxes and pallets can be moved and shipped safely. The strong adhesion goes hand in hand with high tear resistance and stretchability. The practical handles at both ends of the roll round off the easy stretch package for you as the user.

Bubble wrap

Safely packed to its destination – that’s how your goods will arrive at their destination, when you wrap them in our bubble wrap. Available in different sizes and also able to be cut to size. It protects fragile and brittle objects and products during transport.

Pallet cover

No matter what you store on your pallets – our matching pallet covers reliably protect your cargo and goods from external influences such as dust, dirt and moisture, both indoors and outdoors. Whether you prefer opaque black or transparent, you decide. We offer both variants for a pallet height of up to 1.20 m.

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We protect what you value.

This is more than just a slogan.
With assortments of HDPE/LDPE sheets and films in the fields of construction, painting and gardening as well as garbage bags, and thoroughly selected additional products. JUFOL supports a clean and safe working environment for its customers. The reliability of our products and services has been proven for decades and makes us a strong partner for your DIY needs